About Us:

Gitwik is a reference library for instrument details to be used in repair and restoration and as an education and authentication resource. GitWik documents a wide group of large and small production-run instruments - anything of interest and likely to be researched. It will benefit from open source submission of content to address the rarity of some examples and to document the very large number of common instrument models and variants.

As a wiki, submissions can come from any source but will be curated, edited and organized by a group of various experts responsible for regularizing the information to the best of their ability. Content will always be subject to further clarification and addition of details.

GitWik is foremost a photographic resource based on a series of standardized, prescribed shots, grouped into categories of detail views. Each instrument and each view has space for text notes as well as schematics, specs and dimensional illustration and, in the long run, any sound scan or useful digital info. While upload is based on a shoot-and-insert model, the 100+ potential views are obviously not common to all examples. Also, some instrument files will be incomplete and open to completion from secondary sources.

Identity of contributors will be secure, private information unless otherwise requested by the contributor. Serial numbers will be important for age range only and, to that end, the last digit can be replaced with an * to maintain privacy.